[xiami id=”1769182689″]God Only Knows — Orianthi[/xiami]
        收到淘宝买的原盘,寒风凛冽的在人群中找快递单,让我对这样的现实不满,我想要改变他这样多订单却不合理的摆烂摊子,这对谁都不利。Orianthi《Believe I》、George Michael《The Best Of》、Lynn Miles《Sweet Love Sweet》、Van Morrison《Collections》四张盘。
        Orianthi和George Michael的这两张盘之前在电脑里已经听过无损了。在我从Winamp播放器里看到FLAC和APE格式的音乐都是被压缩到70%左右的有损音乐时,我再也忍受不了它,所以还是购买原版吧。同学说黑胶,初中时候有看到过,最近看到那机器很贵要四五千,也不适合自己,就用一下 CD 机吧。
        《Believe I》没有《Believe II》有故事感,但《Believe I》最后一首是我最喜欢的 God Only Knows ,在《Believe II》中没有收录。Orianthi 的洒脱也就不介绍了,真的非常率性。Lynn Miles、Van Morrison 这两位歌手之前不了解,买之前知道风格符合自己口味,试听了一下还算不错就买了,没想到 Lynn Miles 的这张盘价廉物美,着实喜欢,适合在阳光午后安静聆听。
        手打一下 God Only Knows 歌词吧,很多好歌,真的需要欣赏阅读歌词才明白。 🙂
        I feel so alone ° I can’t seem to find my way out of this low ° No it don’t seem right ° I did’t have the chance to say goodbye ° In this silent space ° I close my eyes and I can hear you say ° That it’s alright ° But my worlds such an empty place tonight ° Cause I know that ° It’s all part of life ° I wish I had the chance to say goodbye ° I still miss you ° So hard to see through the tears I’ve cried ° I still need you ° Cuz I don’t want to if I don’t have to ° Ever let you go ° How long must I hold on ° God only knows ° As the time goes by ° It gets a little easier to smile ° I will never forget ° Everything that you said ° You said it’s all right ° It’s all part of life ° [Chorus] ° The lights above you will never fade ° If you keep on looking up ° The world around you’s a better place ° If you believe enough ° Cuz I know that ° It’s all part of life ° [Chorus]